Apple cider vinegar is known for its massive health benefits. Apple cider vinegar or ACV has been touted for everything from heartburn relief to a non-toxic natural deodorant.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine and also a herbalist, thousands of years ago, used vinegar as one of his key medicines. Today, one of the major challenges of many modern herbalists is trying to help people understand the healing and health benefits of herbs and foods as medicine including apple cider vinegar.

Though it doesn’t have a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, or minerals, what it does have is something even more important. In fact, the real reason why apple cider vinegar works for so many conditions has to do with a thing that’s called acetic acid. This acid works well by boosting the blood pH that’s very important in transporting minerals and allowing enzymes to do its job.

Apple Cider For Diet

There are a lot of diets out there that you may have seen that include apple cider vinegar.

As said earlier, one of the ways that they’re beneficial is by helping balance your pH levels in your body. This also helps either promote or deter certain types of yeast and bacterial overgrowth. We’ve got trillions of bacteria in our system. If you aren’t going to do a cleanse that includes apple cider, you can still get apple cider vinegar into your diet to replace other vinegars.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to reduce weight and obesity. It has an appetite suppressing effect and helps to improve digestion and reduce appetite.

Apple cider is also applicable to those who are into Ketogenic Diet. The Keto diet’s goal is to stabilize your blood sugar and improve your ability to produce ketones. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent resource to help you do that. The acetic acid itself is actually a ketone. Most people are actually not producing enough stomach acid to be able to metabolize their foods effectively. The better we are at producing stomach acid, the better we’re going to metabolize our food and the better we’re going to balance out our blood sugar.