Eating Will Be Revolutionized With Virtual Reality Food

Virtual reality has widely been adopted in recent years. Companies in the food industry have been experimenting with VR technology, something that will certainly change the way we eat. Food and beverage businesses in particular, are waking up to the potential of VR, and the limitless opportunities that the technology offers.


Initially, VR technology was popular in the adult entertainment industry whereby fans could watch lifelike virtual reality porn. The continued adoption of VR in the F&B industry has been characterized by the invention of headsets that can help you visualize what you should be eating, aromatic diffusers to simulate food scents, and bone conduction transducers for mimicking chewing sounds, and printed 3D food for articulating the consistency, taste, and texture of meals.

Why VR is a Must-Have for Tech-Savvy Foodies


VR food can be helpful in various ways. Foodies who are concerned about their weight and general health can eat high calorie meals without worrying about the side effects of such foods. Similarly, VR can also be beneficial to individuals who have allergies or strict diet restrictions.

It could provide eating therapy to individuals who have eating disorders. If you are looking to experience foods and flavors that do not currently exist, VR comes in handy. Likewise, the technology can provide an easy health option for the elderly and disabled individuals.

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How VR Food Works

VR food technology is almost similar to virtual reality porn where you can watch your favorite VR sex videos in lifelike settings. It’s all about using your imagination to see food even on a table that is empty. Contrary to what you might think, the objective of VR food isn’t to change the way you consume food. Instead, it seeks to pioneer a new alternative to eating food.

When using VR food, users only need to strap on virtual reality headsets, which helps them visualize being in another location, and indulging in their favorite meals. Bone conduction transducers are strapped around the neck to mimic chewing. Once strapped, the chomping sensation will be sent from the mouth to your ear drums via bones and soft tissues.

Once you get into the virtual world, the aromatic diffuser will dissipate the scent of different foods using heal and ultrasound. After catching a whiff of whatever is being cooked, a gyroscopic utensil that features sensors will track your movements before translating them to the virtual world.

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