Benefits Of Using Animated Characters In Your Explainer Videos

//Benefits Of Using Animated Characters In Your Explainer Videos

Benefits Of Using Animated Characters In Your Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can become an integral component of your marketing campaigns because they are both interesting and entertaining. But there is one element that when included in your explainer videos, can fortify your marketing efforts: Animated characters. Besides helping you realize your marketing goals, they help you achieve your ROI quickly. This piece talks about the benefits of using animated characters in your explainers videos:

Animated characters in your explainer videos can help evoke empathy

Animated characters have been proven over time to evoke empathy towards the story being told. In other words, the viewer develops the same feeling as the animated characters on the explainer video, whether its happiness, fear, sorrow or any other feeling. You can take advantage of empathy to get viewers into the story and motivate them to watch it to the end to know how the characters will solve their problems. Empathy can help you get customers to take whatever action you want to realize your marketing goals quickly.

Animated characters make your explainer videos humorous

Humor is critical to getting viewers to engage with your explainer videos. Animated characters are designed to achieve this quickly and effectively. And if your explainer videos are packed with humor, customers can remember them for a very long time. You can use strategies like wacky situations, ridiculous metaphors, and impossible scenarios to achieve humor. Humor is a classic way of killing two birds with the same stone, as it can help you convey your brand message flawlessly as you entertain your viewers.

Animated explainer videos develop a strong connection with viewers

When viewers find out that animated characters have similar characteristics with them, they can instantly build connection with the explainer video. And this is a good way to make your explainer videos a lot more impressive, appealing and engaging. Also, if your audience knows that you have a great interest in making their lives easier, they can quickly develop trust in your brand. Trust means customers will buy from you, as long as your business exists.

Animated explainer videos are good at telling stories

The generic way of using real people to tell a brand story doesn’t cut it anymore. Animated characters have taken over the storytelling world. The days when animated characters only delighted children are long gone. These days, even adults enjoy animated characters, primarily when they are used to tell a complicated brand story.


If you’ve been watching explainer videos lately, you must have noticed that many top brands are using animated characters to tell their brand story. They know that animated characters can not only make the brand message easy to understand, but also interesting and entertaining to watch. So if you’re not using animated characters in your explainer videos, you need to rethink your marketing strategy.

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