4 Tips For Humanizing Your Brand With Cartoon Style Explainer Videos

//4 Tips For Humanizing Your Brand With Cartoon Style Explainer Videos

4 Tips For Humanizing Your Brand With Cartoon Style Explainer Videos

With companies and businesses hard at work every day to attract and retain customers, owners are taking advantage of explainer videos to do so. While motion graphics and live action can help to motivate your audience to watch your explainer videos to the end and take action, cartoon style explainer videos add a tremendous sense of humor, while injecting a human touch in your marketing campaigns. Here are tips you can use to humanize your brand using explainer videos:

The human touch can come from the message

Most business owners think that to get a human touch, they must use live action explainer videos, which feature real human faces. You can hire the best actors to make your live action explainer videos and still fail to make an impact. And this is especially true if the actors don’t know how to appear natural on screen. The entire explainer video may look forced, scripted and unnatural. So the brand message should always come first because the cartoons, puppet or real people you use on your explainer videos should be relatable and reliable.

Leverage cartoon style explainer videos’ flexibility

When branding, the message is usually the priority. Therefore, the complete freedom to tell it is essential. Passing across your brand message through a live action explainer video can be a challenging pursuit. Cartoon style explainer videos give you the flexibility to present your message in any way. You can choose the kinds of characters you want and fit them in your brand message. Scenarios and characters are the hallmarks of creating a cartoon style explainer video that converts.

Choose the kinds of explainer videos that fit your brand

Many Business people resist using cartoon-style explainer videos because they think cartoons are for kids. As a business owner, you should know that an animation style is just a way to tell a brand story interestingly and entertainingly. So saying that cartoon animations are for kids is misunderstanding their concept and power. In fact, these days, big companies are using cartoon-style explainer videos to drive their brands. Your business can gain a lot by using cartoon-style explainer videos.

Originality is key when using cartoon explainer videos

This is a no-brainer when looking to market your product. Explainer videos that are unique and fresh tend to pique your audience’s interest and cause them to watch them to the end and take action. So always put uniqueness and freshness above else.


You can’t achieve humor by just putting real humans on your explainer videos. It usually stems from your brand message. So, if your message is right and you choose a cartoon style to create your explainer video, there is no reason not to achieve humor.

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