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Importance of an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are the perfect way to attract people to your site and make sure they understand everything that pertains the product. The more interactive the video is, the higher the numbers of people visit the website. Explainer videos have come to be part and identity of the products that are being advertised, here are some of the Importance of explainer videos.





1. Uniqueness

An explainer video that has a strong script and that is well elaborated gives you a far added advantage over your competitors. Through the video, you can explain to your customers what you are offering and the benefits of using the particular product over others. You capture their attention for the sixty seconds and show them your value proposition. It will be difficult to display so much information in a short time through text. According to research, it takes a user 8 to 10 seconds to be interested in what the site has to offer, therefore the more interesting, the video the more it captures the user’s attention.

2. Effectiveness

Through a scientific perspective, explainer videos are highly effective this is because the brain can process this visually and auditory. Through his research Allan Paivio discovered that visual and audio channels work independently in the brain therefore when presented with both audio and visual channels information is easier to perceive. Psychology further adds our brains processes videos 60000 faster than textual messages. Textual formats are often interpreted differently by different people through explainer video you can explain to the audience, and they can always refer to the video to check what they did not understand.



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3. Time Conscious

It is easier to go through a 2-minute video than reading a 400 worded page on the website.  It is more considerate of you to pass information through the explainer video than the textual format, this shoes you have in mind the time of the audience, and you value them. You can develop a good relationship between. Connecting with your client in less than two minutes is important to your business, gone are the times when people would write long textual paragraphs to explain a product. In a research conducted on millennial by Levels beyond, 51% of them would watch a video than reading on the same.

4. Increase Traffic to the website

The more interesting, the video the more audience it gets. This will be able to assist transform the visitors to prospective customers. According to research, marketers who use videos in marketing get 41% more traffic than those who use textual. The more the traffic increases the chances of the customers sharing the video hence improving the relationship between you and your customers. Through the explainer videos you can expand the lifeline of the video by putting it online the video can be viewed by anyone at any time and can be shared with different sources.

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5. Build trust and credibility

Through explainer videos established brands can humanize the company, the videos create a relationship with the customers, and they can relate to your products.  For startup brands, it’s a chance for them to build and improve the relationship with the customers and distinguish themselves from other established brands. Through this, they are able to showcase who they are and what they stand for in the market.      

Creating a good image for the business is vital. Uniqueness and effectiveness is one of the best ways to make your business to stand out from your competitors. Understanding your target audience is important to making your business to nourish and compete with the already established brands.